T H E   C R U   R P M   R E P O S I T O R Y

| Consider all packages within this repository to be evil!             |
| They are known to eat your little sister's hamster - right after     |
| eating your little sister. They are hiding Osama bin Laden in their  |
| closet and will vote for Angela Merkel for chancellor on next German |
| parliamentary elections.                                             |

The Cru RPM Repository provides packages for Fedora Core 4, CentOS 4 and
CentOS 4 based Linux VServers that we consider to be important but are
(currently) missing, outdated or limited in the in the Fedora Core,
Fedora Extras and Livna - respectively CentOS - repositories.

This is why mixing with other repositories than those mentioned above is
NOT recommended!

All packages provided by the Cru RPM Repository, independent whether
they are built by one of the contributors or 3rd party binary packages,
are signed with GPG/PGP key 797F5165
< http://naturidentisch.de/packages/cru.asc >, fingerprint
AC0F 4811 7213 A168 3960  13A8 5E9A 9F2B 797F 5165.

If your apt/RPM configuration does currently not require a valid GPG/PGP
signature for every package, you are strongly encouraged to alter your
configuration accordingly!

See the text below for further information on how to use this repository
and the other ones mentioned above.
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[DIR] Parent Directory 22-Nov-2005 01:07 - [DIR] centos4-vps/ 15-Apr-2006 03:09 - Packages for CentOS 4-based Linux VServer guests [DIR] centos4/ 14-Jun-2006 04:05 - Packages for CentOS 4 (compatible to RHEL4) [DIR] fc3/ 15-Jun-2006 00:24 - Packages for Fedora Core 3 - THIS IS OBSOLETE! [DIR] fc4-vps/ 15-Apr-2006 03:09 - Packages for Fedora Core 4-based Linux VServer guests [DIR] fc4.gnome212/ 15-Apr-2006 03:09 - Packages for Fedora Core 4 with Gnome 2.12 (from NRPMS.net repository) [DIR] fc4/ 02-Oct-2006 04:23 - Packages for Fedora Core 4 [DIR] fc5-vps/ 15-Apr-2006 03:08 - Packages for Fedora Core 5-based Linux VServer guests [DIR] fc5/ 02-Oct-2006 04:26 - Packages for Fedora Core 5 [DIR] fc6/ 12-May-2007 04:19 - [TXT] cru.asc 10-Nov-2005 14:45 2k GPG pubkey used to sign all packages

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